Cirque Du Soleil: Channelling Brazil

Characters 1_Photo OSA Images-Costumes Liz Vandal-2009 Cirque du SoleilFor anyone who is not aware of the legacy that is Cirque De Soleil, the circus extravaganza has been wowing audiences worldwide since 1984. It began as a humble group of twenty street performers.

Now with over 5000 employees in circulation from close to 50 different countries, Circue De Soleil is bringing the Brazilian inspired production ‘Ovo’ to Australia – it’s 25th production to date.

With the title deriving from the Portuguese word ‘Egg’, audiences are taken into a colourful community of insects. The story begins when a gawky visiting fly brings a giant egg into the bustling community, and catches the eye of a glamorous ladybug. It seems it is love at first sight on both parts.

Entwined into the simple yet captivating plot are the world acclaimed performances that range from a slackwire act (that involves a unicycle), a stunning flying act, juggling ants, and creatures that mount an 8m vertical wall with the assistance of trampolines.

Playing the lead character of the Ladybug, Michelle Matlock couldn’t pick a favourite act: “Oh my gosh. My favourite? I mean they’re all spectacular, one after the other you’re just ‘oh that was great’ and then the next one comes and you’re like ‘oh my god. That was great!’ ”

The full-of-life New Yorker auditioned with Cirque Du Soleil back in 2004 and didn’t hear from them for four years. The actress has since been on a whirlwind tour with the production, and she promises “it won’t be like anything else you’ve ever seen”.

Assistant Artistic Director, Jen Bender, explained the intricacy of the costumes that feature in the show:

“We have binders and binders of photos of actual insects and flowers and plants and when I first saw the show I thought ‘oh that’s pretty, but it’s sort of an abstract version of that flower.’ Then I went back and looked at the pictures they’re based on and it’s incredible… They are so rooted in reality”

The Brazilian flare of the show promises an exciting production that differs from the darker themes that have existed previously, Bender explained the festive and uplifting music that offers continuity to the show, “it’s just this brilliant sound and these rhythms and there’s this joy about it. The minute you hear it you know which show it’s from.”

Cirque Du Soleil’s ‘Ovo’ will be playing in Perth from April 14 to May 26. You can grab your tickets from Read our review of the opening night of the Perth Season.

Nadine Walker

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