City of Armadale faces complaints over Pride flag

The City of Armadale is being lobbied by a religious based political group who are opposed to public displays of the Pride flag on government buildings.

The Association for Reformed Political Action encouraged it’s members to contact the City of Armadale and complain about them showing their support for the LGBTIQ+ community during Western Australia’s Pride celebrations.

The issue was first reported in local newspaper The Examiner by reporter Jesinta Burton. It understood that the flag was displayed for a week to coincide with the launch of the City’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and the beginning of Pride celebrations.

The Association for Reformed Political Action is a political lobby group who describe themselves as a non-partisan Christian organisation set up by members of the Free Reformed Churches of Australia, a denomination with just over 4000 members across 16 congregations, predominantly in Western Australia and Tasmania.

In submissions to the federal government’s proposed religious freedom laws the group has argued that while our government system outlines a separation of church and state, Australian laws have their basis in Christian beliefs. The group argue that Christian rights are being eroded by everything from Sunday trading to same-sex marriage.

The City of Armadale’s decision to fly the Pride flag did not require council approval, but elected members received a backlash from local people who complained that the symbol of gay liberation was divisive and clashed with their religious beliefs about sexuality and marriage.

The most recent council meeting saw members of the group gather to express their concerns to councilors. The council has said that it’s Standing Orders House Advisory Group will meet in coming months to review the city’s policy for displaying flags.

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