Correction: OUTinPerth apologises for error in article

OUTinPerth apologises for an error with appeared in an article earlier this week.

On 21st April 2022 we published an article titled ‘PM stands by Katherine Deves as her previous comments pile up.’

In the article we made reference to social media posts Liberal candidate Katherine Deves made about the birth of US Secretary of Transport Pete Buttigieg’s children.

We described Buttigieg as being the first gay candidate, who had shared that they were same-sex attracted, to launch a campaign for the US Presidency hoping to get the nomination of a major US party.

This was incorrect. The first person to run for a major party nomination for the US Presidency was Fred Karger. Mr Karger launched his campaign for the Republican nomination in the 2012 US election.

OUTinPerth apologises unreservedly to Mr Krager for the error and any distress it has caused.

Read more about Fred Karger’s life and work.

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