Correction: OUTinPerth addresses articles regarding Bettina Arndt

A report at New Matilda has highlighted that Bettina Arndt is often referred to as a clinical psychologist or doctor by a wide range of outlets in the Australian media.

The investigation has highlighted that 80 outlets across Australia have at various times described Arndt is a clinical psychologist and attributed the title of doctor.

While Arndt holds a qualification in psychology, she is not registered as a psychologist.

The report does not accuse Arndt of lying about her background, but highlights the various descriptors used by media outlets may not be accurate.

OUTinPerth is among the publications highlighted.

A report on 23 September 2018, Dan Tehan: Protesters should pay for costs of security on campuses incorrectly described Arndt as a psychologist, and used the title doctor. Following the report from New Matilda we updated our story to improve clarity.

We have also updated our 26 January 2020 report Australia Day Honours include Rebekah Robertson and Georgie Stone.

While we will endeavour to identify ways we can be more accurate in the future, we do look to larger media outlets which have dramatically larger resources and staffing than OUTinPerth to lead the way.

Graeme Watson – Managing Editor

Update 29-01-20 11:56 This article has been updated to improve clarity.