Cory Bernardi to robocall millions for opinions on marriage survey

Australian Conservatives leader Cory Bernardi has authorised a campaign that will see millions of homes automatically called to gauge opinions on marriage equality.

The South Australian senator, who has been at the forefront of the NO Campaign, will survey up to a million homes across his home state and Victoria; where his party has one MP in the state parliament.

Senator Bernardi says his robo-calls are not ‘invasive’, a word he used to describe the YES Campaign’s text message outreach earlier this month.

“I’ve done the voice over for this call so people recognise they’re talking directly to an elected politician rather than going through some anonymous research company,” Senator Bernardi said.

“I can speak for my concerns as a parent, I can speak for my concerns for the future of the country and the consequences of it. Doesn’t mean other people have to enlist in it, but I’m really more interested in what the mums and dads of Australia have to say.”

Senator Bernardi says his tactic is different from the YES Campaign’s text message, as robo-calling is not something unknown in the political arena.

“It’s not invasive, like sending text messages to unlisted numbers or to 12-year-olds telling them how to vote. I’m asking them for their opinion.”

The call, which will gather opinions on same-sex marriage by asking participants to press a number, was broadcast by Channel 9 earlier this week. The audio showed Senator Bernardi includes his reasons for voting ‘NO’ in the postal survey on marriage in the recording.

“While saying YES or NO is entirely up to you, I’d like to share with you the reasons why I’ll be voting NO to changing the Marriage Act,” the Senator begins.

“As a parent, I am deeply concerned about how changing the Marriage Act will affect families and children.”

“Changing the Marriage Act will limit the right of parents to object to a radical gay sex education and gender idiology programs from being taught in schools. Books like The Gender Fairy, which is aimed at four-year-olds, will become commonplace in our schools.”

Senator Bernardi’s recorded message also warns of the proliferation of the “controversial and misnamed Safe Schools program” and “removing gender from all areas of society.”

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