On The Couch with Gogglebox’s Tom and Wayne


The television show about people watching television shows returns for its fourth season this month. We jumped on the couch with Gogglebox Australia stars Tom and Wayne.

Did you have any hesitation at signing up to be a Goggleboxer?

Tom: Not now we don’t. On the first season I woke up and I admit thought ‘what have we done? No one is going to watch this program!’

Wayne: For me, I didn’t think the show would make it past season one but it‘s turned into a firestorm overnight.

Do you ever spend time with the other families on Gogglebox, or have you never met?

Wayne: No, not at all, they keep us completely separate. I think it keeps the show as real as possible, if we met each other it wouldn’t be as real.

Why is Wayne always hugging a cushion?

Wayne: I don’t know, I think it’s a security blanket, something to hold onto.

Tom: He uses it as a stable table to rest his drinks on my good pillows.

What is Tom usually drinking?

Wayne: Anything alcoholic

Tom: I like a cocktail. So anything that comes with an umbrella. I hate beer and wine.

How do you feel about being recognised in the street? Do you have fans now, do you have to wear dark glasses when you go out?

Tom: We get recognised everywhere we go. It’s been good, we’ve only had one or two weird encounters. We had one girl that wouldn’t let go of Wayne’s arm. That was a little strange.

Wayne: Because we don’t see ourselves as famous we forget. We’ll be sitting at breakfast and see people waving at us and think, who’s that person waving at?

Have you watched the UK version of the show?

Tom: Yeah on YouTube, I want to be the new Steph and Dom.

Wayne: The two drunk ones.

Who is hotter: Symon or Adam?

Wayne: I’m a sucker for a ranga.

Tom: I’d go for Symon, but I’d like to cut his hair.

What TV show do you never want to watch again?

Tom: Cooking shows. All cooking shows need to be banned in this country.

Wayne: All those shows like ‘The Voice’ and ‘X Factor’ are doing my head in.

Tom: Oh and that ‘Kiss Love Bang’, actually get rid of reality. Except ‘Housewives’. Being the Ninth Housewife of Melbourne is my dream.

Which TV show should be re-made? What should be brought back to our screens?

Tom: ‘Glee!’ We should have 52 weeks of ‘Glee’.

Wayne: I don’t know, all of my favourite shows are still going.

Do you think the Goggleboxers will ever have to watch Gogglebox?

Tom: Oh god I hope not! I hate watching myself. I don’t believe my voice is that high!

Season Four of Gogglebox Australia begins Wednesday, 24 August 24, at 7.30pm on Foxtel’s The LifeStyle Channel. Episodes screen on TEN at 8:30pm the following day.

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