Margaret Court says being gay is a choice

Margaret Court

Christian minister Dr Margaret Court has continued her campaign against same sex marriage. In an interview on Perth radio station RTRFM Reverend Dr Court reaffirmed her belief that people choose to be gay and although gay men may be ‘more feminine than masculine’ they can also choose to live a heterosexual life.

The interview, which aired on the station’s Morning Magazine program, followed an article in Wednesday’s West Australian newspaper where the former tennis champion and founder of the Victory Life Church described proposed homosexual marriages as ‘alternative unhealthy, unnatural unions’.

Asked by RTR interviewer Paul Van Lieshout Hunt how as a straight woman she could be sure that gay people were choosing their sexuality, the Rev Dr Court replied,

‘It is a choice. It’s a thought round that affects people’s lives. I’ve studied the word of the Bible, I teach it enough, the understanding of the spiritual side of what we do in life. They have not proven that people are born this way, yes with people who are creative and things there may be a feminine side more than a masculine side.’

Rev Dr Margaret Court said she did not believe it was possible for two gay men to love each other in the same way as heterosexual couples but denied she was judging gay people.

‘I’m not judging the people, I’m just saying that it’s wrong and that I think we should stay with marriage between a husband and a wife, protect marriage between a man and a woman. I think it’s something that there will be a price to pay for it.’

OIP Staff

Declaration: OUTinPerth editor Graeme Watson is a former employee of RTRFM and currently volunteers as a broadcaster at the station.

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