Cub Sport announce their third album will be out in January

Cub Sport have announced their third studio album will be self titled and called Cub Sport.

The new record will be out on January 18th, 2019. Alongside smash hit tune Sometimes there will be another fourteen new tracks, including collaborations with Mallrat and Cloud Control’s Al Wright.

The album was primarily recorded and produced by frontman Tim Nelson, including tracks co-produced with Golden Vessel and Calvin Valentine, and will be released digitally and physically world-wide on the band’s own label Cub Sport Records.

The band’s last album BATS captured Nelson as he embraced his queer identity and announced to thr world that he was gay and in a relationship with bandmate Sam Netterfield.

“This is the first body of work I’ve created entirely since being out, so in a way, I feel like this is the first album I’ve written entirely as myself and it feels powerful.” Nelson said of the new album.

The new record delves deep into their experiences of self-discovery, learning self-love, being ‘out’, getting engaged and married, living their truths, as well as navigating and embracing the complex reality of suddenly being very open with who you are with the world.

Nelson said the last year had been the most transformative of his life and it had all been documented through the songwriting process.

“This album captures everything you saw happening as well as everything else that was happening that you couldn’t see. It hasn’t been an easy year but I’ve grown so much, learned so much and loved so much.

This album is about facing inner fears, living your truth, harnessing your power, being yourself, believing in yourself, loving yourself and healing yourself.”

The tracks on the new record are Unwinding Myself, Video (feat Mallrat), Sometimes, Limousine, Lift Me Up, Light II, Butterflies, Trees, Come Out, Party Pill, As Long As You’re Happy, Acid Rain (feat Al Wright), Stars, I’m Not Scared and Summer Lover.

Take a listen to the first single Sometimes.

OIP Staff