DaBaby deletes his apology just one week after posting it


DaBaby had a few goes at apologising for homophobic comments he made during a recent concert, but it seems his remorse was short lived.

Just a week after posting his apology to his Instagram account he’s now deleted it.

While music stars including Elton John, Madonna and DuLipa have criticised his ill informed comments about people living with HIV, other music stars are saying the musician has been treated unfairly.

Rap star 50 Cent said he believed it would be easy for DaBaby to bounce back from the controversy, saying that he was new to fame and was probably unaware of how his comments would be echoed around the globe.

Speaking to E! Nightly Pop 50 Cent said if Chris Brown could bounced back form being cancelled five or six times, DaBaby’s career was not in any trouble.

“He just transitioned from being in that pool that everyone’s in, as a rap artist. They didn’t notify him that he’s turning into a superstar. There’s nobody that tells you, “Now you’re being held to these standards that are mainstream standards that you can’t say things, you can’t do these different things.””

“He made a general statement. He was just on stage. He’s not directing that to any individual. But he’s still new, and he’s being attacked by individuals. Madonna said something to him, Questlove said something to him, then Elton John – these are people that are this big. He never said anything about them personally.”

“He’s just two years into his career, there’s no artist development, no A&R, and there’s definitely no media training.”

Following his statement DaBaby was dropped from a series of music festivals, as well as online fashion label BooHoo.

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