Did 1975’s Matt Healy really just come out as “aesthete”?

Across the internet there’s a slew of stories claiming that Matt Healy, the frontman of rock band 1975, has come out as “aesthete”.

Firstly, your probably not alone is your never come across someone describing their sexuality as aesthete before, it means a person who is appreciative of and sensitive to art and beauty.

Healy gave a cover interview to British gay magazine Attitude where he was asked about an incident last year in Dubai. During the band’s show in the country where same sex relationships are illegal, Healy pulled a male fan up on stage and kissed him.

While many praised Healy for his actions as it drew attention to the homophobia in the country, others raised concern for the fan – noting that he may could have neded up in prison over the public kiss.

In the interview Healy says he doesn’t really discuss his sexuality before talking about how he can recognise a beautiful looking man, and while he has kissed some good looking men in his time, he says he doesn’t have a desire to have sex with them.

“I’m an aesthete. I see things as objectively beautiful, so men can be objectively beautiful. Sometimes, I see men and I’m like, ‘Fuck me, he’s peng!’” Healy said. “Then sexuality gets changed for me because I would, and have, kissed beautiful men, but I don’t want to fuck them.”

When the interview was picked up by US website Queerty and other publishers it was reported that Healy was “coming out” as “aesthete”. The musician took to Twitter to clarify his statements, as news outlets around the world picked up on the reports.

“I didn’t come out as anything this a weird thing to say.” Healy said of Queerty’s headline.

“I did an interview with a Queer publication and was asked about my sexuality. I’m not playing a game and trying to take up queer spaces I’m simply trying to be an ally and this headline makes me uncomfortable.”

Speculation that Healy was declaring himself to be an obscure sexuality follows a similar incident where producer Mark Ronson declared himself to be sapiosexual in an interview.

Ronson appeared on Good Morning Britain and the show had just done a segment of the phrase sapiosexual, which means to be attracted to intelligence over physical looks. Ronson said he hadn’t previously come across the phrase, but could relate to it. His casual comment lead to thousands of news reports across the world about his new found sexuality.

OIP Staff