Dirty Diana X Cockheart are here to make it queer this weekend

Queer party people Dirty Diana and Cockheart are joining forces this Saturday night for a spectacular bash here in Perth.

Featuring some of Perth’s finest talent, as well as some national and international friends, The Rechabite will transform into a queer dance party to remember.

The lineup is set to include hostess Serenity, Briefs star Dale Woodbridge-Brown, Burlezque‘s Ava Royaleperformance artist Sven Ironside, and Perth’s own Scarlet Adams.

Perth’s own Snatch DJs, House of BOK, BEXX, Ren Zukii, AZURA, YNGRACH, and YIKES will also be providing the soundtrack, along with Melbourne noise-maker Tilly Cums.

We caught up with the minds behind Dirty Diana and Cockheart to find out what to expect from tomorrow’s soiree.

Who are Dirty Diana and Cockheart? Where did it all begin?

Cockheart: Born from the East London queer rave scene, Cockheart is equal parts fashion, nightlife and activism. Run for queers, by queers, Cockheart has been a symbol of unity and defiance since 2014.

Six years on, our mission remains; build a stronger LGBTQIA+ family that embraces everybody, no matter how they identify. We want people to wear Cockheart with pride and power, whatever your style.

Dirty Diana: Dirty Diana parties evolved from the depths of East London after parties. Our first party held in a venue was in the basement of Vogue Fabrics. A legendary underground Queer space run by the most fabulous human Lyall Hakaraia. Our crew were the essence of what folks nowadays refer to as inclusive.

It was a wild time. We were wild. Every ‘body’ was there.

What was the idea behind this party? What’s the vibe?

DD: Filthy, sexy, opulence. There are a few surprises developing as we speak. Queer.

CH: The idea behind this party was to throw a big queer dance party, where everyone can express themselves however they like in a safe environment, while revelling in some dazzling local queer performers and getting down to stunning local DJs. And in a fab new venue like The Rechabite! It’s going to be glitzy but gritty, fabulous but filthy, divine but dirty. It’s gonna be fun, ok? Fun.

There’s some exciting local and national talent on the bill. How did this lineup come together?

CH: Perth already has such a rich and interesting performance/music/party scene. The talent will make your eyes bleed and your sphincter clench. Both Dirty Diana and Cockheart have ties to Australia and specifically Perth, and we didn’t want to seem like out-of-towners, shoehorning our own party into the scene.

We wanted to throw the kind of party that celebrated local performance and music. And right now being Fringe World season, one of the BIGGEST international arts festivals in the world, so what better time to show the rest of the world what we’re working with?

DD: We sent the word out to see who was keen to hang out with us for the night. The response has been heart-warming. But, we felt it was important to take the opportunity to also highlight Indigenous Communities’ Fire Relief in light of recent displacement due the fires. People aren’t / weren’t talking about it.

There’s been a lot of discussion on this topic in Perth lately; What do you think makes a queer party queer?

CH: Step one is making sure you create a safe space where people feel like they can express themselves without feeling threatened or looked at sideways. Pretty simple.

We all saw what happened to The Court (R.I.P.) where queer people felt not only in the minority and out of place, but sometimes threatened by other (straight) patrons and disregarded by venue staff.

It’s not like we want to ban straight people. Everyone is welcome. We’d hate to leave our straight friends behind. As long as they don’t forget that this is FOR queer people, BY queer people, they’re welcome on board. Be respectful, y’all; it ain’t hard.

DD: Queers make a party queer. If you know, you know. Honesty can’t be made up, it just happens. The nurturing nature that comes from that evolves into the most gorgeous Rainbow glistening in the distance, like a Butterfly, curiously, taking flight for the very first time. *rave sigh

Can we expect to see more DD & Cockheart events in Perth in future?

CH: Very Maybe! It’s a great time of year in a great city. We’d love to come back next summer if you’ll have us.

DD: Anything is possible. Nothing is true, everything is permitted. Let’s see.

Dirty Diana X Cockheart take over The Rechabite this Saturday 8th February. For tickets and more information, head over to Facebook.

Leigh Andrew Hill

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