Do you have images of Pride Parades from years gone by?

The State Library has revealed that their photographic collection has no images of the Pride Parade’s 30 year history.

Now the library is hoping to rectify that with a public call out for images. The appeal was posted to the Library’s social media channels.

“Pride in WA has changed a lot over 30 years! If you tried to track its evolution using the State Heritage collections held by the State Library, you wouldn’t be able to. There is not one identified photograph of Pride parades or events that have occurred in Western Australia. Please help us change this.” the call out said. 

If you have photographs or film of Pride events in Western Australia that you would like to donate, please email: [email protected] or visit their website.

The 30th anniversary of the Pride Parade is on tonight in Northbridge. All the details are available at the Pride WA website.

OIP Staff