DoMA Video Goes Viral on Twitter

gayA video made by a bi-national couple has highlighted the devastations caused by the Defence of Marriage Act (DoMA) since it was introduced in 1996. Signed in by former President Bill Clinton, the act has denied millions of gay Americans over 1100 rights.

Aptly named ‘Missing Husband’, the video shows the rollercoaster of emotions as married couple David and Jason prepare to say goodbye for the 17th time at LAX airport. Although recognised as a married couple in New York, David and Jason are still considered strangers at a federal level, Jason is only allowed into the country for 90 days at a time with a tourist visa.

The story of the couple has gone viral. On The Huffington Post – David blogged about the outpouring of support from celebrities on social networks.

“Aside from our friends and family sharing the video, we were completely amazed by the celebrity support we received. Stars from the movie business (James Franco, Ashton Kutcher and Anna Kendrick), TV (Stephen Fry and Seth MacFarlane), the music business (Lance Bass) and more have tweeted our video, providing millions of people with the chance to learn about DOMA and its destructive impact on loving couples.

“The constant outpouring of kindness and support into our inboxes has been inspiring, encouraging and uplifting during yet another separation that could be avoidable. The loneliness that comes with being separated has been eased thanks to the thousands of positive comments reminding us that we’re not fighting this by ourselves. Of all the feedback, we have been proudest to inform so many people who had no idea that DOMA existed”.

Watch ‘Missing Husband’ below.

Nadine Walker

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