Elle Fanning plays a young trans man in first trailer for 3 Generations

Susan Sarandon, Naomi Watts and Elle Fanning shine in the trailer for an upcoming family drama that brings rainbow families to the big screen.

Maggie (Watts) and her lesbian mother Maggie (Sarandon) support Ray (Fanning) as he adjusts to life as a young transgender man in 3 Generations.

Directed by newcomer Gaby Dellal, the film has already faced some criticism for its casting of a cisgender female in the transgender role.

Dellal explained that Fanning’s character has “not yet transitioned” and that their femininity is part of Ray’s struggle.

Originally completed in 2015 under the title About Ray, Dellal has posted on social media about re-edits that have led to this complete version under a new title.

Watch the final trailer for 3 Generations below.

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