Equal Love defend transfer of funds

Sam Cavallaro by Claire Alexander

Equal Love WA have defended transferring funds donated to their campaign for marriage equality to another activist group who are campaigning against racism.

Equal Love has donated $600.00 dollars to the group United Against Bigotry and Racism (UABR) following a request from Equal Love convener Sam Cavallaro who is a member of both activist groups.

Asked if he thought people who donated to marriage equality would approve of their money going to a different cause Cavallaro provided the following statement;

“Offering solidarity to other campaigns is activism 101. We are stronger together after all. UABR is organising against the racists and fascists of Reclaim Australia, some of whom openly promote Hitler.

“This is particularly poignant for members of the LGBTI community as so many of our community perished in Nazi death camps. All LGTBI people should come to the protest against Reclaim Australia on November 22, 11 am behind WA parliament.” Cavallaro said.

The convener declined to respond to questions asking if there were conflicts of interest regarding the overlap of organisers between the two groups or whether Equal Love had previously transferred money to other political campaigns.

Graeme Watson, image: Claire Alexander

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