Equality Australia releases new religious freedom video

Equality Australia have released a new video highlighting some of the potential outcomes of the latest draft of the government’s religious discrimination bill.

Speaking out against the proposed legislation is champion swimmer Ian Thorpe, basketballer Lauren Jackson and author Benjamin Law. They’re joined by a wide variety of Australians including people of faith, doctors, single parents, people living with HIV and religious leaders.

“This is a country of the fair go, where all Australians have the right to be protected from discrimination especially in important areas like healthcare, aged care and the provision of accommodation,” Ian Thorpe said.

I urge all Australians to speak up, to talk to their Member of Parliament and tell them that our laws should protect all of us, equally.”

“This Bill divides our communities, provides different standards for different people, and allow people with extreme views to define their own rules,” Equality Australia CEO Anna Brown adds.

“Contrary to the assurances made by the Prime Minister this isn’t a Bill for people of faith and of no faith as a double standard exists in the Religious Discrimination Bill. It privileges religious institutions to the detriment of Australians who hold different beliefs, or no religious belief at all— in employment, education settings, and in the provision of goods and services.”

“The increasing numbers of organisations who are faith based are not calling for this law is further evidence this Bill is unnecessary and should not proceed to Parliament.”

Equality Australia argue that the proposed legislation that was released by Attorney General Christian Porter and Prime Minister Scott Morrison at the start of the week will create a wide range of scenarios where people can make offensive statements under the protection of religious belief, and refuse service to people from minority groups.

The concerns have been dismissed by One Nation’s New South Wales leader, Mark Latham. On Twitter Latham described Thorpe, Jackson and Law as “selfish elites” and suggested they should stay out of policial conversations.

“The three presenters here should have stuck to: Lap swimming Ball bouncing And hate-fuc*ing. Having established gay rights the selfish elites want to deny religious rights.” Latham tweeted.

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation have vowed to introduce their own religious freedom laws into the New South Wales parliament.

OIP Staff

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