Equality campaign launches new ads calling for marriage equality

The Equality Campaign has responded to the High Court decision saying they are ready to win the campaign and make marriage equality a reality in Australia.

Tiernan Brady, Executive Director of The Equality Campaign, said they were committed to ensuring marriage equality becomes a reality in Australia.

“We are in it to win it. We are committed to doing all in our power to ensure that the long held wish of the Australian people for marriage equality for all Australians is reflected in the results of the survey.

“This must be a campaign of millions of respectful conversations that unites the country. We haven’t a moment to lose and we are hitting the ground running with hundreds of thousands of supporters talking about why marriage equality matters.

“This is a vote about the worth, dignity and status of members of our family, friends, workmates and neighbours, and across the country people are standing up for them.

The campaign has immediately released a new round of advertisements encouraging people to show their support for allowing LGBTI+ couples to wed.

“Today the Campaign releases new TV and Radio advertisements calling supporters across the nation to get out and vote.

“We know that the Australian people support marriage equality but no one can be complacent – it is all about getting as many surveys returned as possible.

“We call on everyone to participate and to talk to their family and friends to make sure they do too. Together, lets get this done,” Brady said.

The new advertisement shows Australians from all walks of life declaring why their voting YES in the postal survey, whether it be for their partner, their children, or their work mates. The people all walk down to their local post box and drop their completed form in the mail.

Paperwork relating to the survey will begin arriving people’s letterboxes from September 12.

The Yes campaign is holding a public meeting for people who want get involved in the campaign at the State Library this evening.

Let’s Get It Done.

All Australians should be able to get married. It will take all of us to win a YES vote: http://voteyes.org.au

Let’s get it done.

Posted by Australian Marriage Equality on Wednesday, September 6, 2017

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