The Equality Campaign responds to postal survey ‘Yes’ win

One of the major driving forces behind the ‘Yes’ campaign in Australia’s postal survey on marriage equality have responded to the successful ‘Yes’ outcome.

The Equality Campaign have described the result as a “historic milestone for Australians and a victory for equality and fairness that sends a powerful message to Federal Parliament to legislate for marriage equality now.”

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) announced this morning that 7.8 million (61.6%) voting Australians chose ‘Yes’ in the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey. The Equality Campaign will now work with all sides of politics to ensure that the ‘Yes’ vote is translated to legislation in Canberra.

Prominent ‘Yes’ campaigner Tiernan Brady said that this campaign was won because thousands of positive conversations happened across the country.

“Our campaign has been one of respectful dialogue about real people’s lives. It has been about our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, colleagues, neighbours and teammates,” Brady continued.

“We didn’t ask for a national poll on our dignity and worth, but LGBTI Australians have been overwhelmed with the support they have received from their friends, family members, colleagues and teammates during this process.”

The Equality Campaign’s Anna Brown added that while it’s important to celebrate today, tomorrow the work really begins.

“It’s now time for parliament to do their job and vote this through as soon as possible,” Brown said.

“The government has the Dean Smith Bill that is a reflection of the consensus reached by all parties. Let’s get on with it. Australians won’t stomach anyone playing with the lives of their LGBTI friends and family any longer.”

Alex Greenwich of the Equality Campaign also thanked Australia’s LGBTI community and supporters for contributing to the campaign’s success.

“This has been a moment of unity where Australians have come together in support of fairness and equality and delivered an unequivocal mandate to Federal Parliament to deliver marriage equality now,” Greenwich said.

“We are so grateful for the millions of people who showed immense leadership and dedication during this campaign, truly making Australia a fairer and more equal place.”

“A fair go is at the heart of Australian society and our laws should reflect the values of which we are most proud.”

The Senate is expected to see the introduction of WA Liberal Senator Dean Smith’s marriage Bill later today.

OIP Staff

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