Eurovision’s cull cuts out some of the most intriguing entrants


There are 45 countries taking part in this year’s Eurovision song contest and sadly not everyone can make it through to the Grand Final on Sunday morning. We can’t help and feel a sense of loss though for some of the participants who have been culled at the semi-final stage.

Israel’s Michael Ben David with ‘I.M.’

Israel won the competition for the fourth time back in 2014 when Netta delivered the addictive tune Toy. Their hopes for 2022 were dashed through when camp singer Michael Ben David failed to impress audiences this year.

David was selected to be Israel’s representative via the television show X-Factor Israel and Netta was his mentor. He wrote the song drawing upon his experiences as been teased about his high pitched voice when he was a boy, and his tumultuous relationship with his mother after he came out as gay. He definitely gave face and strutted his wares in his high energy performance.

Georgia’s Circus Mircus with ‘Lock Me In’

Also out of the competition is Georgia’s funk rockers Circus Mircus. The band formed after all their members reportedly dropped out of circus school and decided to form a rock band instead. Clowns, flower beards, eye patches, a Ming the Merciless look-a-likes, and a song pleading to be abducted by aliens – surely this is a loss from the competition.

San Marino’s Achille Lauro with ‘Stripper’

The glam rock rapper named after a sunken cruise ship didn’t get through with his chant filled tune. We loved his cowboy hat, sheer costume, same-sex make out session with his guitarist and bucking bronco skills. Achille Lauro sang that all he needed was love, but sadly there was not enough love from the other country’s votes.

Albania’s Ronela Hajati with ‘Sekret’

Albania was the opening performer at the first semi-final, but hot male backing dancers playing out a story of denying singer Ronela Hajati alone time with her female dancer just didn’t make the grade. The great loss though is her ponytail spin dryer moment.

Ireland’s Brooke with ‘That’s Rich’

Nobody’s won Eurovision more time than Ireland, they’ve been victorious seven times, including three consecutive wins in the mid-90’s. There last win though was in 1997 – so it’s a long time between drinks. We think they should just send Jedward every year, but their offering this year was from the mononym Brooke. While Brooke was singing “That’s Rich”, the audience were just thinking “That’s Bad”.

Latvia’s Citi Zēni with ‘Eat Your Salad’

With a sing that extolls the virtues of eating vegetarian and being environmentally conscience, and a wardrobe that looks like it was borrowed from Senator Michaelia Cash, Citi Zēni had one really catchy tune. The band were forced to drop part of the songs first line, which originally was sung as “Instead of meat and eat veges and….” Listen closely you can hear the audience sing the missing word. 

Also out of the competition Malta, Cyprus, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Austria and Slovenia.

The Eurovision Grand Final airs live on SBS at 3am on Sunday morning. 

OIP Staff Images: Corinne Cumming, Jordy Brada (EBU) 


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