Far right Party for Freedom to hold ‘Straight Lives Matter’ rally

Warning: Strong language and confronting content.

Far right political group The Party for Freedom have announced they will be holding a ‘Straight Lives Matter’ rally to oppose the push for marriage equality in Australia. The group say they will be marching for “white heteronormativity.”

The rally is proposed to take place in the Sydney suburb of Darlinghurst, at the heart of Sydney’s LGBTI community. The rally will take place near a monument to LGBT people who were murdered in the holocaust.

The party has been distributing poster, identical to the ones seen in Melbourne a few weeks ago that equate same-sex marriage with child abuse.

Party leader Nick Folkes has told News Corp that being gay was a choice and described transgender people as “retards”.

In his interview with the publisher Folkes was adamant in his belief that being same-sex attracted was a choice.

“In most cases it’s a lifestyle people choose. My neighbour has kids and he was straight but went gay.” he said.

Folkes described the YES campaign for marriage equality as “ a massive propaganda campaign to attract more people to that lifestyle,” saying, ” I believe it will weaken society and make a homosexual society.”

The Party for Freedom previously organised a 10 year anniversary celebration for the Cronulla Riots,  that event saw violent confrontations between Folkes group and anti-fascist campaigners.

Alex Greenwich, the Co-chair of Australian Marriage Equality said supporters of marriage equality should not be distracted by the event.

“We will be urging everybody this weekend to spend time and energy knocking on doors getting out the yes vote.

“It is so important we are not distracted. We didn’t want to have this postal survey, we wanted the government to do its job but because they failed to do it, that means we have to.” Greenwich said.

In a video posted to the group’s Facebook page Folkes showed himself filling out his own postal ballot and selecting the NO choice.

Folkes complained that the form came with instructions in several languages saying it was a waste of tax payers dollars to provide instructions in “third world languages”.

“This is multiculturalism in action, and now they want us to support multisexualism, it’s just another perversion.” Folkes said in his video.

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