Fever Ray returns with third studio album ‘Radical Romantics’

Fever Ray has just released their long-awaited third studio album, Radical Romantics.

Fever Ray is the solo project of Karin Dreijer, who, alongside their brother Olof Dreijer previously formed The Knife, one of the 2000s’ most musically inventive, critically acclaimed acts.

As Fever Ray, however, Dreijer dives deeper into the experimental electronic sound, allowing them to explore different identities and their meanings through their distinctive music and imagery.

In the world of Radical Romantics, Fever Ray presents their struggle with love, or, to be precise, what they call the myth of love.

Following on from 2017’s acclaimed Plunge, in which they delivered frequently thrilling manifestos on queerness, politics and desire, Radical Romantics instead speaks to matters more directly of the heart and the head, the dancefloor and the bedroom.

Radical Romantics is out now.

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