Former KAP Candidate Bernard Gaynor Facing Army Sacking

Bernard-GaynorBernard Gaynor, the conservative commentator who was dropped from Katter’s Australia Party earlier this year for saying he did not want his children taught by gay teachers, is facing disciplinary action in the army.

The Herald Sun has reported that the Army Reserve Intelligence Officer is facing a “notice to show cause for termination” from the Chief of the Defence Force.

A leak memo from Defence Chief David Hurley reportedly says, “”Your public comments demonstrate attitudes that are demeaning and demonstrate intolerance of homosexual persons, transgender persons and women and are contrary to the … cultural change currently being undertaken within the Army.”

The father of five from Queensland has been regularly criticised for the opinions he shares on social media and online.

Most recently on his website Mr Gaynor wrote about a comment the Prime Minister’s wife made regarding marriage equality. When Mrs Abbott said she believed that love and commitment should be recognised, Mr Gaynor indicated that he did not believe that there was much love in non-heterosexual relationships.

“…I dispute that there is much love in a relationship that hurts spiritually, physically, emotionally and eternally…”

Mr Gaynor said he believed the Prime Minister should resign if same sex marriage became law and that the Prime Minister was abandoning Catholic teachings.

Mr Gaynor has said that the charges against him are unfair as he is protecting Catholic values from unjust attack.

“It will be an unjust punishment that will become a badge of honour. I will proudly take it to my grave and fearlessly wear it when I face my God and Eternal King,” said Mr Gaynor in a statement.

A spokesperson for the Defence Force said that General Hurley had  yet to consider correspondence from Mr Gaynor and it would not be making a public comment while the matter was under consideration.

Earlier today Mr Gaynor took to his Twitter account highlighting that the Australian Defence Force had cleared his blog of being anti-women, anti-gay and anti-transgender.

Mr Gaynor re-shared his controversial blog from May this year where he argued that the military should not assist transgender personnel to undergo gender reassignment procedures.

OIP Staff

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