Fresh Run from the ‘Briefs’ Boys

Briefs 2

The Boys from ‘Briefs’ have become regular faces at Fringeworld over the last few years. The crazy collective of drag queens, bearded ladies, sword jugglers and acrobats have presented one of the most fun shows of the festival. This year they return with an all new show ‘The Second Coming’, one that’s been a huge success at their recent residency over Christmas and New Year in Hamburg.

The leader of the troupe Fez Faanana told OUTinPerth that they’re looking forward to returning to Australia but at the moment they’re having fun in northern hemisphere.

“We’ve just had a couple of days of snow,” said Faanana, “The Briefs boys have been the idiots running down the street yelling ‘Snow Yay!’ while all the Germans just look at us and then walk on by.”

Since they were last in Perth the collective has had a few changes, “We got a whole new posse with lots of new faces which is really exciting,” said Faanana, “We’re still all male and all vaudeville, we are still high energy circus and theatre. This time I do less hosting and more performing. Got to keep it fresh!”

The show also features the return of Australia’s most Bogan drag queen, Shivanna. Fez reveals that in the new show Shivanna will be showing off some new skills in magic and will be combining drag and puppetry.

Fanaana jokes the show is more fabulous than ever thanks to some new arts funding from Arts Queensland. “We’ve got two feather fans each now, and they’re double layered Ostrich feathers!”

Catch BRIEFS at the West Australian Speigeltent in the Pleasure Garden during Fringe World. The show runs from Tuesday 28 January to Sunday 9 February at 9pm. Check out a sneak peek of the show below.


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