Gay Bashing in North Perth

In what appears to have been a homophobic attack, a Perth man was allegedly called a ‘fucking faggot’, punched in the face, knocked to the gutter and repeatedly kicked on Charles Street April 14.
Neil Taylor told OUTinPerth that following Club West he was walking up Charles Street looking for a taxi when three well-dressed young men came around the corner from View Street and began abusing him verbally and physically. As a result of the attack Mr Taylor said he was left with a grazed, swollen and bruised face as well as chipped teeth.
Mr Taylor said his experience was a ‘Warning to people be really careful, doesn’t matter where you are, how old you are’ when walking alone. He did however praise police for what he described as their very professional approach to his report, saying that ‘they handled it extremely well’ and encouraged others encountering abuse or assault not to be afraid to come forward and report to police.

Zoe Carter


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