ANZ GAYTM Campaign Wins Award


ANZ GAYTM’s on Pitt Street Sydney

The company behind ANZ banks GAYTM campaign has won an award for their efforts.

Earlier this year Eleven PR arranged for several ANZ ATM’s to be redecorated in glitter and rainbows.

The campaign ran in conjunction with the bank’s sponsorship of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Now the company has picked up a ‘Gold Spike‘ at Spikes Asia, the communication industry’s major festival and awards.

The ANZ bank has been a long term sponsor of Mardi Gras but this year they increased their involvement becoming a Principal Partner.

The bank transformed 10 of their ATMs decking them out with glitter, rhinestones, studs, denim and fur. The welcome messages on the machines were altered to read “Hello Gorgeous” and ‘Happy Mardi Gras!”.

The machines also dispensed rainbow colored receipts and announced that patrons had taken ‘cash out – and proud’. The campaign was so popular that the receipt rolls, that normally last a week, had to be replaced after the first hour of the campaign.

The ATM fees from the machine that were generated during the campaign were donated to LGBTIQ youth organisation Twenty10.

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