‘The Good Fight’ trailer is out

The Good Fight

Audiences have got their first look at The Good Fight, the new TV show which is a spin-off from the popular long running series The Good Wife.

The new show picks up the story a year after central character Alicia Florrick walked off into the sunset. Producers have declared that there’s no chance Julia Margulies character will be returning, show runners have said that her story is over.

Instead the new show will focus on Christine Baranski’s character Dianne Lockhart. Who discovers that he retirement will have to be delayed after all her money is lost in a financial con.

As the show will be screening on CBS-All Access, an online streaming channel, the producers have a lot more leeway on the type of language they can use. So when Lockhart discovers her life savings have disappeared she’ll be dropping the F-bomb for the first time.

The first episode of the ten episode series will also be broadcast on free-to-air TV in the US, so two version of the scene were recorded, on traditional TV she’ll just say “son of a bitch” instead.

Joining the cast is Rose Leslie, best known for her roles in Downtown Abbey and Game of Thrones. 

Leslie will play Maia, Locklhart’s god-daughter, alongside Helene York (Quantico, High Maintenance), who will play her girlfriend Amy. Amy is already a lawyer, while Maia is just finishing law school.

Returning cast members include Cush Jumbo playing Lucas Quinn,  and Sarah Steele will return as Marissa Gold.

The final season of The Good Wife left many fans disappointed as the show seemed to have run out of steam, but this new chapter looks like it has the furnaces burning.

The new show begins in the USA on February 19th, check out the trailer. 

The next chapter of The Good Wife story begins. The Good Fight premieres February 19.

Posted by The Good Wife on Monday, January 9, 2017

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