Grand Love Stories: Daniel and Lorry

Daniel and LorryFP

Daniel and Lorry are another social media success, having first met on Myspace. Then Daniel introduced himself to Lorry in person when they ran into each other at Liquids Nightclub in Rockingham, and a relationship blossomed.

The pair will be celebrating their seven year anniversary this month “We’ll be in London celebrating it and we had a little bit of time where we travelled and worked over in London in 2010, we travelled, we both worked together at the same company for many years as well. “ Lorry explained.

They both say their ability to make each other laugh is one of their relationship’s biggest strengths. “Lorry is funny. He’s quite a funny person, and he’s great to have a laugh with. And have a drink with.” says Daniel. Lorry says he finds Dan is dependably a calming influence for him. “What I love about him the most is whilst I’m stressing balls, he’s always there with the same attitude of it’ll be ok, it’ll be ok. He’s like the drug that sort of calms me down. He puts things in perspective.”

They both cite fun as an important factor for making a relationship last. “We don’t take ourselves too seriously.” said Dan. Lorry added that giving a relationship some breathing room is especially important. “There’s nothing worse than couples that become couples and becomes recluses and are just with each other 24/7… We know that there’s time when we have to be with our friends, and make sure that we keep those relationships strong.”

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