ON MY HEAD: Local designer launches every face eyewear label

Local creator Sheridan Fiamengo knows it can be rough to find the perfect pair of shades, so what better way to work it out than to design your own range?

ON MY HEAD is a new line of eyewear from Fiamengo, developed as an ‘every face’ label that celebrates diversity and draws on her personal experience and Croatian heritage with a mission better represent herself through fashion.

We caught up with Fiamengo to talk about the launch, her inspiration and ON MY HEAD’s connection to Perth’s LGBTI+ community.

“This collection emerged through huge inspiration from my Croatian heritage and the fact that, despite my vast personal collection, I couldn’t find the perfect eyewear accessories for myself,” Fiamengo explains.

“I wanted to create something which merges and melds together all of these aspects of myself and the other driving influences which represent me and what I stand for.”

ON MY HEAD launched last month at Northbridge’s Sorrento Restaurant, where Fiamengo says the vibe was very much a family affair.

“The launch was heavily influenced by my heritage so I wanted to emulate an authentic and, I guess, somewhat traditional evening where people felt like they were going to their Baba’s (Grandma) for dinner. Of course, true to my style, I wanted it to be a bit extra. Guests were invited to Sorrento Northbridge where the night entailed a huge spread of home cooked Croatian and Italian meals and customs.”

Phoebe Lola Cristinelli (Lola Varma Bridal Designer), Sheridan Fiamengo (ON MY HEAD), Samuel England (Notorious F.A.G. Blog) & Reyne Lawson (Model) at the launch.

“In Croatian culture, festivities usually involve dressing lambs or goats in traditional Croatian colours. This was upheld with a petting zoo out the front where my guests could have a taste of what it’s really like in Croatia. There, was a private screening of the campaign video, which I felt was the backbone of what inspired the collection and a true representation of myself. I was lucky enough to have Feral Beer and St. John Brook Wines to kindly sponsor the event.”

Fiamengo says that ON MY HEAD goes beyond the aesthetic in its creation, imbuing the campaign with her own experience as a member of the LGBTI+ community.

“The OMH campaign is an honest reflection of what has inspired the first collection. Coming from a strict Croatian family and identifying as queer was a difficult thing to accept. I represented one thing to my family and one thing to myself & those in my social sphere, with the LGBTIQ+ community playing a prominent role where I felt I could truly be myself.”

“I began partying at a lot of queer venues and was introduced to this new world of inspirational individuals who altered my perceptions in so many different ways.”

For more information about ON MY HEAD, head to onmyhead.co to find the shop, mixes and profiles of creatives that have collaborated on the label.

You can also peep OMH on Instagram and Facebook.

Leigh Andrew Hill

Images:- Rosa Marinovich

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