‘Imagine London Without Gays’: Ominous billboard appears in UK

♦ London surprised by mysterious billboard


A mysterious billboard has appeared in the Waterloo area of London with an ominous message; “Imagine London Without Gays…”

The foreboding message shows the Big Ben, surrounded by empty streets leading to speculation about the meaning of the billboard on social media.


PinkNews have reported a new removed Facebook page was linked to the campaign, entitled ‘World Without Gays’, which led to another connected website.

The website features the imagery from the London billboard, as well as images for Madrid and Berlin. The slideshow of images ends with a picture of Earth, with the text “Imagine a World Without Gays. Coming Soon.”

Owners of the billboards JCDecaux have asserted that the mysterious campaign is not linked to homophobia, revealing that the campaign is linked to an upcoming Pride festival in Tel Aviv when pressed on the issue.

Both the Facebook page and website for the campaign have been removed since this story was originally reported by PinkNews. The creators of the campaign have not spoken publicly on the affair.

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