Independent Cathy McGowan announces her retirement from politics

The member for Indi, Cathy McGowan has announced she will not contest the next federal election.

McGowan is an independent who sits on the crossbench and has served two terms in the federal parliament. She won the seat at the 2013 election ousting prominent conservative Liberal Sophie Mirabella.

Announcing her departure from politics she gave support to local doctor Helen Haines to replace her in parliament. There has also been speculation that the Nationals deputy leader Bridget McKenzie might attempt to make a move to the lower house by contesting the seat.

McGowan, who is 65, said she would contest the seat for a third term and was proud of the work she’d done during her time in the parliament.

The Liberal candidate at the next election will be local Steve Martin, not to be confused with Tasmanian politician Steve Martin… or banjo playing wacky comedian Steve Martin.

OIP Staff