Indian government opposes same-sex marriage in court filing

The Indian government will oppose same-sex marriages being made legal according to court documents seen by media outlet Reuters.

The Indian Supreme Court is considering arguments that the country’s definition of marriage should be expanded to include same-sex couples.

The country decriminalised homosexuality in 2018 removing colonial era British laws, and the latest case is seen as an important stage in the country’s development of LGBTIQA+ rights.

Sunday was the court’s deadline for the government to respond to the petition to change the laws, and in documents cited by Reuters the Minister of Law say they believe that the legal recognition of marriage should remain as only applying to heterosexual couples.

“Living together as partners and having sexual relationship by same sex individuals … is not comparable with the Indian family unit concept of a husband, a wife and children,” the ministry argued.

The court has received a growing number of petitions calling for the laws to be changed, and the cases are due to be heard in the Supreme Court today.

OIP Staff

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