Indonesian MP says gay people should be executed

An Indonesian MP has said gay people should face the death penalty or life imprisonment.

Muslim Ayud made the comments in the country’s House of Representatives as they debated amending the country’s criminal code. The proposed amendments would see gay sex, and sex outside of wedlock, being made illegal.

Representing the Islamist National Mandate Party (PAN) Ayud spoke in favour of the proposed change to the laws and argued that capital punishment should be the penalty for breaking the new laws.

Ayud also said that people who promote homosexuality should also face criminal charges.

Speaking to the media Ayud said a strong deterrent was needed to stop homosexuality.

“We were not satisfied. We want a death sentence or a lifetime jail sentence to have a deterrent effect on the LGBT (community),” he said.

The politician represents the Aceh region of Indonesia, which operates Sharia law, separate to the laws the govern the rest of the country. Last year two men were publicly caned for having gay sex.

Homosexuality has never been illegal in Indonesia, but there has been a push from religious and conservative groups for the laws to be changed.

Recently the country’s health department declared it would begin classifying homosexuality as a mental illness. In recent months police have targeted LGBT venues and people, charges are often brought under the country’s strictly, but vaguely worded, anti-pornography laws.

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