Ingrid Chavez celebrates 30 years of ‘Justify My Love’

Madonna’s Justify My Love recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, and now musician Ingrid Chavez is releasing her own version of the tune.

Chavez wrote the song alongside Lenny Kravitz and producer Andre Betts, before Madonna added some additional lyrics to the piece. The one-time Prince muse and ex-wife of avant art-rock auteur David Sylvian was the lyrical engine behind the steamy erotic meditation.

Three decades after the song was a number 1 hit, Chavez teams up with Danish producer Mashti to deliver an intimate and funky take on the song. OUTinPerth has been given a preview of the song and we totally loved the way it sounds.

During her long career Chavez has worked with everyone from Prince to David Sylvian, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Vanessa Daou and many others.

Released December 18th via her own Ten Windows Records label imprint, the single follows Chavez’s acclaimed 2019 studio album Memories Of Flying, and her recently-released lauded collaboration with Charles Webster, The Spell, which has been remixed by Burial.

Reflecting on the song Chavez said it was definitely a defining moment of her career.

“There are events in our lives that come to define who we are as an artist, if that is your calling,” Chavez said. “One of those defining moments for me was that day in Los Angeles, just hanging out in the studio with Lenny Kravitz and Andre Betts. I was in the city doing over dubs for the film Graffiti Bridge. It was not planned, I just happened to be in the room while these two artists created what would become one of the most raw and unforgettable tracks of the 90’s.”

“I think what is important to know about this song is that, it is personal, it was written for me. The words were from a letter I had just written so the emotions were strong. It would ultimately wind up in Madonna’s hands and mark a major shift in her own image and musical style for a period of time. In some way, it changed the trajectory of both of our lives. That is the power of a song written from that deeper place that we as writers are forever chasing.”

Lenny Kravitz has also recently shared his memories of making the tune. In an interview with Yahoo! Kravtiz said he knew it would be a hit, but it wasn’t the right kind of song for him to record.

Bravely he called Madonna and told her he had a hit record for her. Madonna’s response was pretty blunt, she told him he did not, but invited him to come over and play the tune to her. As soon as Madonna heard the song she was ready to head  into the studio.

Kravitz has also indicated he too may have at some point recorded a version of the song.

Ingrid Chavez’s Justify My Love will be out on December 18.

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