Jacinda Ardern re-elected, NZ Parliament breaks LGBTQ+ record

New Zealand Labour has returned to government across the Tasman Sea, massively increasing their number of seats in Wellington.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will return with 64 seats in the Lower House, up 18 from the last election in 2017.

New Zealand Greens, Māori Party and ACT New Zealand also won seats from the Conservatives and nationalist party New Zealand First, who were wiped out of parliament at the polls.

The election also brought a record number of visible LGBTQ+ MPs to the nation’s Parliament, with 11 queer politicians ready to represent their electorates.

The makeup means 9% of elected MPs in New Zealand identify as LGBTQ+, overtaking the UK’s record-setting 7%. All of these MPs are sitting for Labour or the Greens.

The Greens will return as Labour’s confidence and supply partner, increasing their representation in Parliament from eight seats to ten.

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