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The Real Housewives family continues to grow, as last year saw our favourite girls from Toorak step onto the scene. This year the ladies are back and realer than ever. Resident psychic Jackie Gillies foresees that fans will be even more hooked on the drama
this season.

Tell us a little bit about shooting season 2 of Real Housewives of Melbourne

It will be a very exciting show, there’s going to be a very different dynamic. There are two new ladies that have come in and that’s really shaken things up. There’s laughter, tears, drama, accusations… I just sit in the corner and go “Oh my god. What’s going on?” I feel quite blessed because at the end of the day, being on a show like this, you get to meet people that you probably wouldn’t normally meet in your everyday life.

So we can expect some drama with the
new girls?

I think the thing about Real Housewives, let’s keep it real here, is that viewers love seeing a bit of drama. There are a couple of storylines where the ladies blow up…
I think viewers are going to be in a bit of shock actually. There are a couple of arguments that I actually get into, I’m the kind of person that’s very straight forward and very honest. Sometimes when people are confronted with the truth they don’t like it. Oh well, what can I do?

In Season 1, you and husband Ben launched your alcohol line La Mascara, how has the business been faring?

Like I said to Chyka, the angels do work. I believe what you think is actually what you create in life. With La Mascara I’ve been very blessed, Dan Murphy’s have taken on a new range of our drinks called High Tea, which is absolutely amazing. Ben and I have always said we want to give something back – we wanted to bring somebody in from the public to be the new face of La Mascara. We’ve actually created a web series to go along with Real Housewives where the winner will receive a one year modeling contract, as well as a cash prize from our own bank account. It’s a really positive feeling to be able to give back.

What else can we expect from Jackie this season?

Hearing some of the arguments, I find myself sitting there laughing… and people wonder why I drank on the show?! Apart from that though, I will say there is a lot more resolution… not just arguing for three months about the same situation. I’ve learned you can’t control people; you just have to let people be who they are, even though sometimes it can be very frustrating.

The Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 2 premieres Sunday Feb 22 at 8.30pm on
Foxtel’s Arena

Leigh Hill

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