Jackie Lambie shares her thoughts on transgender birth certificates

Former Senator Jackie Lambie has voiced her opinions about transgender people while appearing on the reality TV show I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Lambie was chatting to ex-footballer Dermott Brereton about the state of Australian politics. After discussing the leadership attributes of Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott, border security and international aid.

Brereton turned the conversation to his thoughts about The Greens. The former footballer said The Greens had moved away from their original platform of environmentalism and were now focussed on other issues.

“Now we’re into moving Australia Day,” Lambie responded. “We’re into transgender and making sure they can change their fucking birth certificates. Stupid Tasmania, they did that just before Christmas time.”

“When you are born you are either born a male, or born a female.” Lambie declared, hitting her hand on the arm of her chair. It is a true document of the time you are born, if you are a male or female.”

Brereton shrugs his shoulders and adds “Unless, your a hermaphrodite.” Using a phrase consider to be a slur by many intersex people. The footballer said if people wanted to change their gender later in life he had no problem with their decision.

Lambie was voted out of the jungle during last night’s episode, and told the shows hosts that she was hoping to return to federal politics and the show had been a great opportunities to let people get to kno her.

Source: Ten Daily