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Jacob’s Party | The Deluxe | til Feb 17th | ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Side-splittingly brilliant, Jacob’s Party is the millennial torch song for every queer kid who has ever experienced social anxiety. Or for every queer kid who has constantly found themselves on the outside. Or very every queer kid who, like me, just wanted to host that one perfect party. This non-stop riot of colour, movement and party favours is ridiculously sublime.

When reading the blurb for Jacob’s Party I was taken by the terms ‘physical theatre’ and ‘dance’, plus the phrasing a ‘one-man-social-anxiety-dance-party’. That latter phrase sums this show up perfectly! Admittedly, the term ‘dance’ should be used very loosely in regards to this show. If anything, the ‘dance’ element is extended physical theatre, executed with hilarious enthusiasm and ferocious, dogged determination. I was extremely surprised that when he was ‘dancing’, the show’s star, Jake Brown, didn’t injure himself.

Thank god he didn’t, because damn he made a most gracious host. Of course, Jacob’s Party isn’t just one party: it’s every party Jacob has ever found himself tormented at. It’s every party where you think you’re being cool but damn, nope, you’re the one puking up UDL’s in the toilet all night. It’s every party where you wished you could just fit in… but then realised everybody else there is a dickhead, so why bother.

The cosy Deluxe Tent is the perfect venue for Jake Brown’s walking talking embodiment of social anxiety. His character is so damn relatable that when you cringe, you realise you’re cringing at all the past you’s this character embodies. Especially that time in high school when you tried to hang with the cool kids, so you listened to Eminem instead of your first love, Billie Piper. Yeah… you remember. So does Jake. So does Jacob’s Party.

Jacob’s Party has everything you could need at a party. There are party games (I won queer pong… maybe that’s why I had such a good time) and plenty of fairy bread. There are awkward childhood stories, a message of empowerment and so much comedic gold. Hell, there’s even some Midori stashed behind the backseat on the stage… no, the other side… no, the other other side. Yeah, Jacob’s Party is that type of party.

Honestly, this show is a must-see. I was surprised at how much I loved it and how it was nothing like I was expecting it to be. In fact, if you miss Jacob’s Party, you are essentially missing the party of the year! So go on, RSVP now.

Jacob’s Party is on until February 17th. Head to for tickets and more info.

Scott-Patrick Mitchell

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