Japanese politician Mio Sugita continues her attacks on LGBTI people

Japanese politician Mio Sugita, who recently claimed that the government should not invest in any services for gay people, has continued her attack on the country’s LGBTIQ+ communities.

Appearing on a television show the government MP reportedly said there was no need for LGBTI issues to be mentioned in the countries education system.

During the chat Sugita laughed off the statistic that LGBT people are six times more likely to commit suicide, saying even if the suicide rate was high, understanding the needs of gay people was a low priority.

The politician defended her call for tax dollars to be removed from services that support gay people saying, “This isn’t discrimination. This is differentiation.”

Sugita has argued that gay people do not contribute to society because they are not productive because do not have children. The MP repeated her belief that most gay people lead unhappy lives.

Japanese Newspaper The Ahsai Simbun published an editorial describing the politicians comments as remarks that “can only be categorized as beyond ludicrous.”

In a magazine article the politician argues that acceptance of gay couples would lead to incestuous relationships with siblings wanting to wed and people having sex with animals.

The newspaper said it was astounding that the leader of Sugito’s party had not delivered a harsh condemnation of her comments.

Toshihiro Nikai, the Secretary General of the Liberal Democratic Party, told reporters that the party comprised of people with a wide range of views and all were welcome.

“Everybody has their own political stance and philosophy of life. The LDP is made up of members from different fields, representing the entire political spectrum from the right to the left.” Nikai said.

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