Johns Hopkin Professors disavow gender and sexuality report


A trio of professors at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland have published a letter disavowing the work of some of their colleagues.

Chris Beyrer, Robert W. Blum and Tonia C. Poteat published an Op-ed in the Baltimore Sun raising their concern that recent controversial report by their colleague Lawrence S Meyer and retired professor Paul McHugh does not reflect the current research and understanding of both gender and sexuality.

The staff say they are concerned that the latest report from Meyer and McHugh was not published in a recognised scientific journal and had not undergone the strict peer review process that is expected of academic work.

Concern is raised that the report glossed over significant research about sexuality and gender that does not fit into the authors conservative viewpoint. The professors highlight several notable pieces of research that look into the concept that gender is not binary and what the origins of homosexuality are.

Beyrer, Blum and Poteat wrote that there is no place for homophobia and trans-phobia in academic research.

Retired professor Paul McHugh is often quoted by conservative groups who object to marriage equality and transgender rights.

The report at the centre of the controversy was published by The New Atlantis which describes itself as “applying the Judeo-Christian moral tradition to critical issues of public policy.”

OIP Staff, image: Johns Hopkin University 

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