Joshua Amour releases romantic debut EP ‘I’m Trying’

Meanjin/Brisbane-based producer and DJ Joshua Amour today caps off 2022 with the release of his debut EP, I’m Trying.

I’m Trying is a generous reverie for the summertime and a loving dedication to all shades of UK dance music.

Amour’s superb debut EP exists in those indefinable hours where late night melts away to early morning, giving shapeto everyday moments of tenderness, graciousness and clarity.

“I’m Trying is my first attempt at making a proper body of work,” explains Amour.

“I wanted it to look and sound like summer. It’s the truest reflection of what I listen to and what I like about electronic music. It’s fun and melancholy and it’s me trying to take my production seriously.”

I’m Trying is out now.

Photo credit: dameeeela

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