June Jones teams up with Kate Dey for new single ‘If Only’

June Jones today shares the second single from her forthcoming album Pop Music For Normal Women, out 23rd September.

If Only is a duet that sees Jones and Katie Dey’s voices singing contemplative and yearning verses about the hum of electronics, missing the company of friends, and skipping work to play video games.

The song is accompanied by a video made by visual artist and animator Daniel R Marks, who took inspiration from the singers’ favourite video games when building the spellbinding world in which the clip takes place.

June Jones describes the new tune as an evil twin to her last single.

“If my last single, Goblin Mindset, is the evil twin, then If Only is the good one. Written in a similar context of social isolation, If Only is a song where I’m looking outward to the friends I miss dearly and long to spend time with.

“I knew that I wanted to write a song for Katie to sing on, and I was thinking about our shared love of video games where you get to wield a big sword while I was writing the lyrics.” Jones said.

“Also there’s something very trans about the character creation tool at the start of a lot of RPG games, and I love that Daniel took that reference and expanded upon it in his music video. I’m actually quite obsessed with what he’s done with that clip – I mean, he basically made us our own video game.”

Written, recorded, and produced in a small studio apartment during her first year of living alone, Pop Music for Normal Women is described as an inventive, energetic, intense and amusing journey through eight new pop songs by Jones.

The album marks a move away from the slower, more contemplative art pop of Jones’s first two albums, Diana (2019) and Leafcutter (2021) to a more upbeat and playful sound, while retaining the candid emotionality that Jones is known for.

Take a listen to the new tune. 

OIP Staff

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