June Jones gets into a ‘Goblin Mindset’ on ‘Pop Music For Normal Women’

Goblin Mindset, the first single from June Jones’ forthcoming album Pop Music For Normal Women, out September 23.

Jones says the high energy banger is an ode to the strange and uninhibited places we find ourselves in after spending long periods of time alone.

Moving between a squelchy post-punk bassline, metal guitar riffs, and soft piano, Jones’ imaginative production and octave shifting voice take you on a journey into her goblin mindset.

The single is accompanied by a video which premiered via Paperface Zine this morning. Made by longtime collaborator, Geoffrey O’Connor, the clip features the singer’s friends Katie Dey and Geryon, both of whom feature on other tracks on the album.

“I wrote Goblin Mindset two years into the pandemic, having spent the majority of that time in lockdown (either state- or self-imposed), about six months into living alone for the first time ever,” Jones said of the single.

“I found myself spending more time in a goblin mindset than a human one, working long days on the record in my tiny studio apartment, letting the dishes pile up, singing to myself, and sometimes going days without talking to another person. I wasn’t having a bad time – often I was actually having fun being a goblin. It feels like a true part of who I am as a person and I wanted to channel that into a weird little anthem for all my fellow goblins.”

Pop Music For Normal Women is out September 23.

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