Just.Equal calls on politicians who voted for marriage equality to protect LGBTIQA+ rights

Just.Equal Australia has called on Liberal and Labor members who voted for marriage equality four years ago today not to betray the LGBTIQ+ community by voting for the Religious Discrimination Bill.

Spokesperson, Rodney Croome, said the moment the bill was a great day of celebration for the Australian community.

“When marriage equality finally passed Federal Parliament on December 7th 2017, it was a day of celebration for LGBTIQ+ people and unity for the nation.”

“We plead with all those Labor and Liberal members who voted for equality not to dishonour that great achievement, and betray the LGBTIQ+ community, by voting for a Bill that will undermine equality.”

“Those members of parliament who voted for marriage equality, and who shared the elation of the LGBTIQ+ community, effectively promised us that we would live in a better Australia.”

“We urge them not to break that promise by voting for the Religious Discrimination Bill.”

Croome said the Religious Discrimination Bill has its origins in a backlash to marriage equality.

“The Religious Discrimination Bill is founded on the false narrative that marriage equality is a threat to religious freedom, takes away discrimination protections many LGBTIQ+ people already have, and feels like punishment for the progress we have made.”

“The Federal Bill is antithetical to the values underpinning marriage equality and, if passed, will erode the value of marriage equality.”

Marriage equality legislation overwhelmingly passed the House of Representatives on December 7th 2017 having already overwhelmingly passed the Senate.

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