Katherine Deves hopes to be the Liberal candidate for Warringah

Katherine Deves, who campaigns for transgender people to be excluded from sport, is hoping to run for pre-selection to be a Liberal party candidate for the upcoming federal election.

Deves has put her hand up to become the Liberal candidate for the seat of Warringah, which cover Sydney’s north shore. The seat was a Liberal strong hold until the 2019 election when independent candidate Zali Stegall trounced former Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

The founder of Save Women’s Sport Australasia is an outspoken critic on transgender issues and a regular commentator on Sky News. She would need an exemption from the party to run for preselection as she has not been a party member long enough to nominate.

Currently the only candidate for the role is Lincoln Parker, sales manager at the Defence Innovation Network, a university program to provide research for the military and defence suppliers.

Deves, who has a marketing background, has recently changed careers and gained a law degree. She is an ardent campaigner for excluding transgender people from participating in sport.

Last week she commented on the Citipointe Christian College saga, saying that while the contract put forward by the school had gone too far, there was concern that there was too much of a focus on gay and lesbian and gender identity issues in schools.

“We accept that there are gay and lesbian people in our community, and they are deserving of legal protections, however I don’t think we should be continuing to be constantly focusing on it in schools.” Deves told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“There are many organisatons that are pushing gender identity, and particularly in schools. So schools are left to try and solve this problem on their own and this is where they are coming out with this contract.”

Deces said children needed to be protected from exposure to transgender and non-binary information because her belief is it leads to social contagion.

“I’m not really sure what the solution is, but when it comes to gender identity there really is no place for it in schools. Our leadership really needs to stand up and start listening to the parents who do not want this, the schools who do not want this, because the children are getting onboard with it, because they are seeing it on social media, general media, there is social contagion amongst the children.”

“We know the risk is, if they start declaring that they are trans or non-binary, they might be pushed on to that medicalised pathway and irreversible surgeries that there are many clinicians and doctors trying to warn everyone about, because we are going to be left with a cohort of children, who have been experimented on, who are going to be left as life-long medical patients.” Katherine Deves claimed.

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