Kirralie Smith says ABC is showing bias by supporting trans employees

The head of anti-transgender group Binary says the ABC is showing its political bias by showing support for transgender employees.

Kirralie Smith, who fronts the organisation, has reacted to reports that the ABC is considering allowing some paid leave for staff undergoing gender transition saying it is an example of how the organisation does represent people with right wing political views.

The Daily Telegraph reported that the national broadcaster is considering allowing staff some paid, and unpaid leave, if they need time off for medical procedures relating to gender reassignment. The move follows many high profile companies and universities offering similar employment benefits.

“It’s a very controversial move by the ABC. As a taxpayer-funded organisation, they are meant to operate without bias. The ABC faces constant criticism for its left-wing bias and the promotion of a number of radical agendas.”

Smith argues that because, in her view, most Australian’s are not supportive of the transgender community, it is inappropriate for the broadcaster to offer support.

“Transgender ideology is not representative of the broader community.  ABC staff can undergo such treatments at their own cost – it certainly should not be funded with our hard-earned dollars,” Smith said.

The group, which launched last year, was formed out of remnants of the Coalition for Marriage, the group that argued against allowing marriage equality during the 2017 marriage postal survey. Before joining the group Smith was a political candidate for The Australian Conservatives. She withdrew from running for parliament ahead of the federal election.

OIP Staff