Kylie joins Years & Years for new version of ‘Starstruck’

Kylie Minogue has joined Years & Years for a new version of his hit single Starstruck. 

The high energy dance track has been one of the most popular tracks from Years & Years, aka Olly Alexander. After being at the top of our playlists for the last month, the song’s now been given a fresh makeover with Kylie Minogue adding her vocals.

On his Tik Tok account Alexander outlined that he’d been starstruck by Kylie for many years and recounted that his band had supported her back in 2015, and in 2016 he’d been Kylie’s guest at her Royal Albert Hall Christmas concert where they teamed up for a rendition of Better the Devil You Know. 

“I asked her if she’d be up for jumping on Starstruck and she said yes! She’s the best, I love her so much.” Alexander said.

The new collaboration also got a thumbs up from sister Danni Minogue who posted to Instagram how much she loved the collaboration.

Take a listen to the song, now with added Kylie magic. 

OIP Staff

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