La Soiree is Unforgettably Fabulous

La Soiree‘La Soiree’ is set to be one of the most talked about shows at Fringe World and it opened last night with a VIP presentation which attracted Perth’s most recognisable faces.

‘La Soiree’ presents an ever changing line-up of the most amazing acts in the world. On any individual night you’ll see some of the brilliant acts they’ve recruited from around the world alongside local and international guest performers.

The opening night featured the clever puppetry of Cabaret Decadanse, hailing from Montreal, Serge Deslauriers and Andre-Anne Leblanc manipulate huge puppets that are so simple in construction – but yet so cleverly brought to life.

Australian artist Jess Love, a veteran of Circus Oz thrilled us with hoola hoops and skipping ropes. While David and Fofo from Sweden swung from a trapeze while catching and swallowing ping pong balls from each others mouths.

One of the acts tat everyone will be talking about is Captain Frodo. The incredible rubber man showed just what you can do when you’re a double jointed super flexible maniac. The innovative performance saw the super bendy man show how he could pass his body through two tennis rackets. You couldn’t take your eyes off this bizarre performance, and it is hard to breathe when you laughing so hard.

The captivating Ursula Martinez delivered two great performances, both remarkably different. Her disappearing hanky act has been called “a jaw dropping sensation”. it’s a worthy description. Her performance was bold, brilliant in its simplicity and certainly unforgettable. Later on she returned to give the audience a wonderful Spanish lesson.

The English Gentleman, who recently appeared at the Royal Variety Performance, showcased their clever balancing act  they also looked amazingly hot! Patriotic and particularly good looking. Hamish McCann returned in the second half of the show and delivered a poll dancing performance that simply defied gravity.

Nate Cooper took to the stage stumbling about in roller skates, with the patrons in the first row looking petrified with the thought that at any minute the clumsy artist might whiz off the stage and into the audience. When the bumbling entertainer pulled out three machetes to juggle, the first row understandably leaned right back.

Australia’s own Asher Treleaven brought a literary moment to the proceedings by reading a Mills and Boon novel to the audience. The comical performance had the audience in stitches.

German artist Davd O’Mer’s aerial and bathtub performance that sprayed water across the audience was a wonderful balance of comedy, amazing skill and beauty. Clad in his wet denim jeans the muscular hunk spun high above the crowd before diving repeatedly back into a bath tub filled with water.

The acts at La Soiree are the best in the world, selectively picked to create  show that is top class from the moment you walk in the door and take your seat until the final standing ovation. La Soiree it’s La Freakin’ awesome.

La Soiree suns until Sunday February 22nd. Secure tickets at

Graeme Watson, image: Viktor Wallstrom 


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