La Trobe University reinstates Roz Ward

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La Trobe University has announced it has reversed its decision to suspend Roz Ward, the founder of the Safe Schools Coalition program. The univsrsity has cancelled it’s investigation into her professional conduct.

The University was facing possible legal action after it announced an investigation into the embattled academic’s conduct following media coverage of a private Facebook post made by Ward.

The Vice Chancellor of La Trobe University John Dewar said he would not accept the university acted unlawfully, but it would not be in the educational institutions interest to proceed.

“I believe that it is not in the University’s interests to be engaged in a high profile and protracted legal dispute when there are so many other important priorities for the University,” the Vice Chancellor said.

“Accordingly, I have decided after much consideration and in consultation with colleagues, that the allegations against Ms Ward and her suspension will be withdrawn.

“We will continue to work to ensure that vulnerable young people in the LGBTI community have the support and information they need through the Safe Schools Program.”

Last week The Australian newspaper reported that Ward had made a private Facebook past where she was critical of the Australian Flag. Ward subsequently resigned from a role on an educational advisory committee to the Victorian government.

There were calls for her to resign from her role at the Safe Schools Coaliton anti-bullying program and from her position at La Trobe University. The Australian Christian Lobby and Beyondblue chairman Jeff Kennett publicly called for more action to be taken against Ward.

The health and sexuality educator has been widely criticised in the media for her personal political views. Ward identifies as a Marxist.

A public rally calling on the federal government to support the Safe Schools Coalition in it’s original format is being held in Forrest Place tomorrow at 1pm.

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