LGBT Ugandans hold secret Pride celebrations


Approximately 70 LGBT Ugandans gathered at Lake Victoria over the weekend to round off a week of pride celebrations, a year since the controversial ‘Kill The Gays’ bill was struck down by a constitutional court.

The now annulled legislation would punish “aggravated homosexuality” with life imprisonment, also enforcing a ban on the “promotion of homosexuality.” The original outline of the bill proposed by Ugandan politician David Bahati demanded the death penalty for such “crimes”.

The parade this weekend praised the dismissal of the draconian law, though celebrations were still held in secluded areas away from the general population. The revelers were acutely aware they had to hold the event far away from the capital of Kampala.

“I would never ever reveal my gay lifestyle to my parents or friends. They would denounce me,” an anonymous participant told Reuters.

Despite the circumstances, images of the day show the community enjoying their moment. “We are here to send a message to the wider population that we do exist and we want rights like any other Ugandan,” one of the marchers said.

“We think this is a step moving forward.”

OIP Staff

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