LGBTIQ+ advocates direct donations to bushfire fundraising efforts

just.equal has urged LGBTIQ Australians and their families and allies to contribute to any of the many verified bushfire relief funds that have been established to support the Australian community in this unprecedented crisis.

The advocacy group is promoting bushfire relief funds to its large social media following and database, beginning with this post.

Co-founder, Ivan Hinton-Teoh, said “at times of crisis, Australians pride ourselves on joining together to share the burden.”

“During this young century, Australia has seen few crises so awful, and so demanding of our empathy and sacrifice.”

“Just.equal encourages LGBTIQ Australians, our families and allies to donate to verified bushfire funds established to support the tireless efforts of our volunteers, fire services, community groups and victims at this critical time.”

“For the next few weeks we will be utilising our social media resources to encourage our community to step up and help in any way they can.”

just.equal are throwing their support behind comedian Celeste Barber’s fundraiser, which has now passed the $40,000,000 mark, smashing its initial goal of less than $100,000.

just.equal are also directing those who can support to other verified appeals, such as the RSPCA New South Wales, Red Cross, Bendigo Bank, and the Rural Fire Brigades Association Queensland Inc.

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